I was hungry so SUE ME.

Everyone speaks the praises of Taco Bell but they have a strict no-bear policy, but when the aroma of a Crunchwrap wafted my way that night, I couldn’t help myself…and let’s be real, crazier things have happened in Florida

Imagine my surprise when my moment of weakness was paraded on multiple news site. If I knew there was a Ring camera, I would have at least put on some sort of disguise! 

My shame quickly faded, when my manager let me know that Taco Bell had reached out to collab.

My big break!!!!!

They saw me on the news and said they were interested in letting me redeem myself, and make it up to the family. Killing two birds with one bear…

Some nice ladies from Taco Bell came down to Florida to meet with me and capture some content. The Florida humidity, and no hair and makeup did NOT stop us from filming, editing and posting an IG Reel within the matter of HOURS! See for yourself:

I even got to meet the family and give them some swag!

Plus a fresh order of all the Taco Bell I ate and a few little extras…

They were so happy to see me! Which isn’t the usual response when I make home visits lol.

Short story shorter…thanks to the Taco Bell team I was able to clear my name and defend my honor! Check out the responses, I’m a pretty big deal.

Bears just wanna live más too, ya know…